Japanese Knotweed Reports, Surveys and Certificates


We have experienced situations where property exchanges have been hindered by prolonged delays, and, on occasion, prospective buyers withdrawing their offers because a surveyor or estate agent identified a Japanese Knotweed incorrectly.

Some professionals will be able to identify Japanese knotweed right away, while others have no real understanding of its particular characteristics. In winter, Japanese Knotweed can be difficult to spot, especially if the dead canes from the previous season’s growth have been cut or the infestation is not yet well established. Having liaised with numerous surveyors and estate agents over the years, it is apparent that the UK lenders are adopting a ‘no-risk’ approach, just like the Surveyors and Estate Agents. Understandably, to avoid the prospect of future litigation, on occasions where there is uncertainty that Japanese Knotweed does or does not exist on a property, the professionals involved in the process, consider it is far more prudent in the long-term to stipulate it ‘may exist’ as opposed to omitting any declaration of the plant on a Homebuyers Survey Report. By taking this course of action, the surveyor/organisation prevents legal action, which results in the burden of responsibility being passed on to another, usually a company/contractor with experience dealing with Japanese Knotweed.

Types Of Report